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Light Right to Bring Back the Night

May 12 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Most birds migrate at night. They have been doing this for eons, as a night sky typically means calmer air space and fewer predators. Nocturnally migrating birds include ducks and geese, plovers and sandpipers, and songbirds of all kinds. These birds may travel thousands of miles between their breeding and non-breeding grounds.
However, the night sky is under threat. Artificial light is increasing globally by at least two percent a year, presenting a problem for birds. Light pollution from homes, businesses, and other infrastructure attracts and disorients migrating birds, making them more likely to land in dangerous areas where they are more vulnerable to collisions and predation. Artificial light also impacts birds in the breeding and winter seasons, disrupting feeding and other vital behaviors.
Please join us as we virtually welcome guest speaker Debbie Moran. Moran has had a lifelong interest in astronomy since her childhood in Midland, TX where all the scenery is in the sky. She has been a long time member of the Houston Astronomical Society and has served in a number of capacities there, currently as Novice Chair in charge of programs for new members. She is the 2017 recipient of the International Dark-Sky association’s Hoag-Robinson Award for education of government officials about outdoor lighting issues. She has presented concerns about the choice of high glare white LED street lights in Houston to city officials and hopes that the Houston area will someday join other communities in moving to warm or soft white to amber LEDs which are recommended by the American Medical Association for their reduced glare and reduced disruption of day/night circadian function. She has also lobbied for a lighting ordinance or education program to reduce security light glare and created the web site www.softlighthouston.com to educate citizens on lighting issues.
This talk will highlight how LED light poses special challenges for the night sky. It is no longer enough just to point light downward. We now need to consider quality of light too to avoid perpetual daytime. Moran will cover the tools we now have to educate city officials and the public on how to double down on the advantages of LED lighting for comfortable visibility while best protecting human and animal health and the night sky. You will see examples of what to do and what not to do. This talk is punctuated by engaging videos throughout and will have you looking at night time lighting through new eyes.
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