We’re excited about the upcoming release of Birdsongs Vol II, Sounds of Bell Bowl Prairie!

Compositions have been completed, charts created, and the recording sessions by Micky Torpedo are almost complete. The musicians, who are youth from our Rockford region, play strings, horns, and woodwinds..

This album will highlight some popular backyard bird species that may be impacted by climate change, as identified on the National Audubon’s Survival by Degrees report. Each of the species selected were also documented as present at Bell Bowl Prairie via eBird. Prairies like Bell Bowl Prairie need to be celebrated and protected due to their habit, which is becoming more and more endangered. Only 0.01% of original prairie is left in Illinois.

Thank you to the Rockford Area Arts Council for a grant to help fund this project.

Photo: American Goldfinch (album artwork) by Jackie Kuroda. One of the species featured on the album.

Update: You can preview and listen to the album on YouTube or you can purchase it at bandcamp or through Micky’s website.