A male peregrine falcon arrived at the RRSTAR news tower on February 16, 2021. It was not Lil’ Kool, who has been paired with the resident female for the past two years. Brian (62/S Blk/Blu), who hatched in 2019 at the Columbia Generating Station located in Columbia County, Wisconsin, is the new man in town. Both Brian and Louise, who is the resident female peregrine falcon, have been demonstrating courtship behavior and mating.

Often, peregrine falcons will mate for life, but this could be the third male for Louise. If Lil’ Kool arrives this spring, it could also mean there will be some fighting over her and this territory. Lil’ Kool migrates each winter and he is expected to return. It’s not easy to predict his return though. In 2019 he was first documented on camera on April 19th. In 2020 he was first documented on camera on March 29th.

You can watch the Nest Cam live via the RRSTAR Falcon Feed. Thanks to the RRSTAR for allowing our cameras on top on their building for the fourth year in row!

Photo: Male peregrine falcon, Brian, taken from Nest Cam on 3/10/2021.