1:00 pm
Portraying Audubon the artist, Brian “Fox” Ellis will enchant children and families with stories of his travels in the wildest places on the planet. Listen to tales of his adventures as he accomplishes something no[...]
Nature At The Confluence



Rain Barrel Auction

Rain barrels are just one way you can begin a sustainable future! The Rockford Sustainability Summit is hosting an auction to help you get started. There are 7 rain barrels that are up for auction through eBay. Starting bid is $80. Conserve water in style! Plus you...

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“Official” Bird for Rockford?

An Illinois Young Birder and Rockford, Illinois resident, Jackie Kuroda, wants city officials to name the peregrine falcon its "official" bird. These birds are a conservation success story in the Midwest, including the state of Illinois. As a result, Rockford had its...

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Lincoln Middle School Students Paint a Mural

  Rockford Lincoln Middle School students painted a mural on the wall behind the Revell Avenue Strong House! They chose the Golden-crowned kinglet as the bird they wanted to feature on their mural. This is one of the 314 species that will be impacted from climate...

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