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Portraying Audubon the artist, Brian “Fox” Ellis will enchant children and families with stories of his travels in the wildest places on the planet. Listen to tales of his adventures as he accomplishes something no[...]
Nature At The Confluence



A day in the life…

of a peregrine falcon incubating eggs. Timelapse taken on May 16, 2020 5am-9pm. Copyright: Sinnissippi Audubon  

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Audubon Important Bird Area Designation

Colored Sands Forest Preserve has achieved Important Bird Area (IBA) status for the State of Illinois. Colored Sands Forest Preserve is the first Important Bird Area designated in Winnebago County and one of 43 IBA’s in northern Illinois. Designated in January 2020,...

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It’s Incubation Time!

On March 28, 2020, Lil' Kool returned to Rockford to join Louise in having their second clutch of eggs. The fourth and last egg was laid on April 18, 2020. A female peregrine usually lays 3 or 4 eggs. The eggs are slightly smaller than a chicken egg, and are mottled...

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